Press Quotes



"Talinka - such an evocative name - wittily appropriate for this intimate set so sensitively arranged around Tali's straight from the heart, true and soulful voice  .Since hearing Ms. Atzmon's discrete contributions to records by Gilad and friends.  I've long wished she would make a record revealing her own deeply personal approach to music , and here ,at last, is that record." Robert Wyatt  


"Talinka is not only perfect for introspective listening, their songs are a wonderful journey of life performed in the most intimate of ways. The sound quality is fabulous making this required listening for audiophiles. Strongly recommended for fans of acoustic jazz who welcome an intriguing blend of folk based genres."

by Wesley Derbyshire, Mediaversal Reviews

"Talinka is a gem, everything flowing, gently adventurous, soothing, highly sonorous, and pregnant with earthy jazz refrains....Take your shoes off, ratchet the Barcalounger all the way back, and relax into this highly intelligent CD; you deserve it."

Mark S. Tucker, Veritas Vamprius


"Supported by Robert Wyatt, Talinka is one of those releases that will make you tug your heart of beautiful, soft, and gentle releases that is very deep, distinct, and efficient that MoonJune Records have released."

Zachary Nathanson,


"You can feel Tali’s presence on Talinka’s sole self-titled release as if she’s singing right behind you as if you are walking through a ghost town as the pin dropped at the exact moment. Her vocals reminisce of the late great Peggy Lee."

Zachary Nathanson

"Tali is an amazingly soulful jazz singer, whose voice captivates while the music weaves a magical spell on the listener, drawing you in; .... The album is full of delicate touches, wonderful melodies and interesting changes, which always hold your attention."

Mel Allen, The Progressive Aspect

"The performance on this disc haunts, connects with deep moody jazz standards and introduces a new international form of world music."

Dave Rogers, WTJU, USA

"In all, the ten pieces presented here are unique, intrinsically beautiful and elemental, enchanting the spirit, warming the heart and freeing the soul."  Peter Thelen, Expose' , The Progressive Rock Files

"Every now and again you come across a jazz album which dispenses with all the usual features and starts afresh: instrumentation, form, melody, harmony and soloing protocols are all reworked here with simplicity, depth and maturity." Sarah Chaplin, London Jazz News



"Keening, remorseful music, but full of beauty." Peter Jones, Bebop Spoken Here


 "Everything a good album should be."  Sammy Stein, Kind of Jazz Magazine


"There’s an airy spaciousness about Talinka’s music, a music that is never far from the taste of tears."  Andy Robson, Jazzwise


"Terrific emotional depth...Very entertaining and richly enjoyable."

Peter Jones, Bebop Spoken Here


"To judge by the reaction, this unusual band, with its fearless use of light and shade, looks set to subtly expand the horizons of the jazz world."

Sarah Chaplin, London Jazz News

"An impressive leadership début from Tali Atzmon. The album touches many bases with its wide ranging and evocative arrangements while her lyrics are perceptive and intelligent and enhance the music."

Ian Mann, The Jazz Mann